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An Introduction to Attachment and Resilience

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29 June 2024 at 09:00:00

Registration is from 9.30am


5 hours CPD

Course Description

Attachment has been described as “…an affectionate bond between two individuals that endures through space and time and serves to join them emotionally” (Fahlberg, 1994)
The psychoanalytic social worker Selma Fraiberg poignantly commented that children who do not have an attachment “have been deprived of their humanity” (Fraiberg, 1977)
This training aspires to address our understanding of healthy attachment and what happens when its formation goes wrong. Even when a person hasn’t experienced secure attachment there is still hope. Increasingly attachment and resilience are shown to be interlinked and as we build our resilience the quality of our attachments improve. Although resilience can be thought of as innate it can also be a quality that is learned.

Your Instructor

Trevor Birtle

After qualifying as a counsellor, Trevor studied for an MA at York St John University where he had a particular interest in the counsellor’s experience of supervision. Until 2020 Trevor was the General Manager of CFM Counselling, a role he fulfilled for more than 15 years. Trevor is a qualified and experienced trainer and was a foster carer for many years alongside his wife, Pam. Trevor is the co-founder of a Christian fostering and adoption agency, as well as a local supported housing charity for vulnerable families.

Please contact Lesley @ or Mobile 07529 221096 for a booking form and any further information.

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